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Challenge wrap-up: Where are you reading?

The idea behind the Where Are You Reading Challenge was to read a book from each of the 50 states. I loved this challenge since I am a geography geek. But, I must confess that I completely forgot that I was supposed to do all 50 states and instead I just got all excited that I was reading books from all over the world and that I got to plot them all on a Google map. Here's the list of what I read by state and region of the world:

United States:
Observation--SO MANY books set in California and New York! I managed to read books from 20 different states (I haven't listed books that weren't specific as to their location). I thought I did so much better than that.

Central and South America:
Observation--obviously, I really need to work on reading books from Central and South America!
  • Un-named country--Exposure by Mal Peet
Observation--I need to branch out in my Europe books. I am doing the 2014 Winter Olympics challenge in 2012 so that will help as I'll reach the nordic countries.

Observation--I have a thing for Afghanistan and India, which I kind of knew. I think I did well for reading books set in a variety of Asian countries.
  • Philippines: Trash by Andy Mulligan

Middle East:
Observation--This coming year I am hosting the Middle East Reading Challenge again so I hope to broaden my reading of this region.

Observation--I did fairly well with African countries, but I'd like to do even more in 2012

Pacific Countries:
Observation--what? No Australia?! I've got to change that in 2012

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