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Review: For Blood or Money (Nathan Everett)

Title: For Blood or Money
Author: Nathan Everett
Genre: Adult mystery
Pages: 212
Rating: 4 out of 5
Challenges: Mystery and Suspense, Read from my Shelves
FTC Disclosure: I think I won this from someone else's blog
Summary (from the back of the book): You're a hard-boiled detective with all the trimmings. You've go the Seattle Waterfront office, the sexy young assistant who adores you, and an attitude to math the constant gray drizzle outside your window. Into your office blows this high-society dame boo-boo-ing about her missing husband and how he always said the if anything happened to him she should come to you, Dag Hamar. ONly problem is that you're a middle-aged computer geek who doesn't do missing persons. The doc has told you to stay close to home while you wait for a replacement for your failing ticker. And the only clue the dame brought you was the missing man's laptop.

Did I mention the dame is your ex-wife and the missing man is the former best friend she ran off with twenty years ago? You can't wait to get your hands on that computer!

Review: I was in the mood for a good old fashioned detective novel and this one fit the bill. The description on the back makes it sound typical (really, who uses the word "dame"?), but it isn't. It's super up to date with technology and the fact that the detective is 57 years old is a nice change from the standard young and good looking.

Yes, Dag Hamar is surrounded by good looking young women throughout the book, but he is realistic about his looks, his chances, and his current state of single-hood. There are even jabs about how his failing heart can't handle doing anything with these women anyway.

The mystery itself is a bit confusing at first, but I often find that to be true as I learn who all the characters are and how they all fit together. This one is full of embezzlement, business deals, offshore money and more. It was a fun read if you're looking for a detective story. The ending will totally take you by surprise (but no spoilers here).

Geography Connection

Click to see my updated Google Map. Another Seattle-based story; I feel like I've read quite a few of those lately. This one really talked a bunch about the setting of the Seattle port, the water front, the ferries, the rain, etc. Having just vacationed in Seattle and ridden the ferries, I really felt like I could picture where these events were taking place.

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