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Global Reading Challenge Completed

I was really excited when I found this challenge and signed up for the Easy Challenge, which is one book from each continent. As you can see, I read a lot of books for most of the areas of the world, but did best with Africa and Asia! Doing this post was a great process for me since it meant going back through the past year's posts to see what fit where. I really did a lot of international reading!

What's even more amazing is that with all this reading, I still only managed to do the Easy Challenge since I only read one book from Australasia!

Africa: Aya (Marguerite Abouet)Aya of Yop City (Abouet), Monique and the Mango Rains (Holloway); Deogratis: A Tale of Rwanda (Stassen); Aya: Secrets Come Out (Abouet); First Kill Your Family (Eichstaedt); Caliph's House (Shah); Bill Bryson's African Diary (Bryson); Broken Memory (Combres); The Rabbi's Cat (Sfar)

Australasia: Wandering Girl by Glenyse Ward

Europe: Thaw (Robyn); Hitler's Canary (Toksvig); The London Eye Mystery (Dowd); Milkweed (Spinelli); Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Boyne); Private Peaceful (Morpurgo); A Family Secret (Heuvel); The Wall (Sis); Laika (Abadzis)

North and Central America: Enrique's Journey (Nazario); Code Talker (Bruhac); Reservation Blues (Alexie)

South America: I am a Taxi (Ellis); Gringolandia (Miller-Lachman)

Multiple countries/continents: Half the Sky (Kristoff);


Darlyn said...

I have to say I'm very impressed! So many different books from different continents around the world! Congrats Helen!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Darlyn--I had no idea that I had read quite so many "international" books. Pretty fun!

Booksnyc said...

This sounds like a great challenge! You certainly read a lot of books!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Booksnyc--This was a really great challenge; I learned that I loved books with an international setting.