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October 2011 wrap up

I am participating in Sheila's Where Are You Reading Challenge this year so I am going to use it as my wrap-up at the end of each month. I am really having fun posting each book I read to my 2011 Reading Map (on Google).
Here's where I read in September:
  • x
United States:
South and Central America:
  • x
Middle East:

Challenge Update:
Bold means I've completed the challenge so I completed all the challenges that I signed up for this year!
  • Awesome Authors--14 out of 10 books 
  • Chris Crutcher--4 of 13 books (ongoing)
  • Mystery and Suspense--13 out of 12 
  • One, Two Theme--6 out of 6
  • PoC--50 out of however many I want
  • Reading from my Shelves--34 out of however many I want/can
  • What's in a Name--6 out of 6 

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