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Book Beginnings: June 10, 2011

This meme is hosted by Katy at A Few More Pages
How to participate: Share the first line (or two) of the book you are currently reading. Include the title and the author so we know what you're reading. Then, if you feel so moved, let us know what your first impressions were based on that first line, and let us know if you liked or did not like the sentence. The link-up will be here at A Few More Pages every Friday.

I have been meaning to read Andy Mulligan's Trash for quite some time now. I got such a visual when I read the description on the inside flap (poor children working the city's trash heap) and it's a mystery of sorts, which I also like.

"My name is Raphael Fernandez and I am a dumpsite boy."

Okay, the first sentence just puts it right out there and, so far, the rest of the book is that way too.


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I've been wanting to read this one, too. Thanks for sharing.


Bev Hankins said...

Yes, that beginning does just put you right there.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. I can't wait to hear more about it!

Confuzzled Shannon said...

I never heard of this one...interesting line!

Sherrie said...

That first sentence really grabs you. How did he get there? Have a great day!

Just Books

Ann said...

I don't know this book but what an awesome first line. Authors are so clever when they can grab you instantly like this!


Helen's Book Blog said...

Laurel-Rain--I am glad I'm finally getting around to it.

Bev--I liked the opening, it set a good tone for me

Pages of Julia and Shannon--Definitely interesting!

Sherrie--It's funny, we don't really learn much about how he gets there, just that he (and many others) are

Book Gatherer--I agree. A good first line can really pull me into a book and put me in the right mindset to read