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Sunday Salon: July 1, 2018

My life in books: 

  • Ditch that Homework by Matt Miller and Alice Keeler--a book for work
  • EduProtocol by Marlena Hebern and Jon Corippo--a book for work filled with amazing ideas
  • The Girl Who Smiled Beads by Clemantine Wamariya and Elizabeth Weil--an adult memoir of escaping the Rwandan genocide

Challenges progress:
  • Non-fiction--My goal is 20 books and I've read 30 at the year's half way point! 
  • Literary Voyage around the world--Read books set in as many countries as possible. I have read in 33 countries so far, and in the past two weeks added a bunch of countries: Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Spain, France, and Greece!
  • Literary Escapes--Track the US states. I have read books set in 23 states so far and in the past weeks added Arizona.
  • Read all of the ALA YA Award Winners--I have already read 6 of these winners.
  • Motif Reading Challenge--The June motif is Crack the Case (mysteries) so I did that with Blackout by Alex Segura.
My life outside books:
I am officially off work! But somehow I do work almost every day, which is the way it is for people who work in education. Good thing I enjoy my job. :-)


It's the first of July so we've got a new Action for Happiness calendar. This month it's Jump Back July.

We've been watching the World Cup, which is really fun. I'm glad England and Mexico made it through to the round of 16, but I am stunned that Germany didn't go through.

I've been working on my front garden. I bought a coffee table to my seating arrangement (which arrives tomorrow) and my birthday present from my parents this summer is a bubbling bird bath (purchased, but waiting until mid-July to be installed). I'm excited to make my garden a pleasant place to sit and read.

And our local indie bookstore had a 20% off sale this weekend so I HAD to go get some books. You know how that is, right? Think of the money I saved! :-) Have you read any of these?

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