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Sunday Salon: the "wow it's been WAY too long" edition

I have so neglected the personal side of this blog. This is my first Sunday Salon since July! And so much has happened since then. Obviously, I can't cover it all, but I can get the highlights....

My life in books: 
I definitely had a reading slow down for a while, but I feel like I've found a happy medium and have hit a good rhythm these days with a mixture of adult and YA. Here are some of my favorites from the past few months (click on the book cover to see the review):

What's going on in my life:
The last post I did on a Sunday we were headed to NYC for another dance convention and boy was it fun! NYC is just so great in general. We did a lot of walking, going to parks, some shopping, and we saw Wicked. I had heard how good it is and was afraid it wouldn't live up to the hype. Nope, it was fantastic!

Fall has been spent getting back into the groove of school and work. My job has changed and I am no longer a Teacher Librarian, but am a full time Technology Coach. I work two-thirds time at my same school, helping teachers to integrate iPads into their curriculum and working with them on our learning management system. The other one-third time is spent at our district's four junior highs and now I've added some elementary schools. I really like going to the other schools and working with teachers, though I am missing the student interaction and talking about books with students.

Our dance lives are a little different this year with my daughter doing a solo but no group pieces. With auditions (none successful yet, but she gets so close each time), dance classes and dance conventions she doesn't have time for the group rehearsals. There is more variety this year, which is fun and there is lots of travel, which is both fun and tiring at the same time.

Last weekend we were in Dallas (video of her solo if you have any interest--she definitely needs more ballet to solidify the turns) and we stayed just a couple blocks from where JFK was shot (unfortunately, we didn't have time to go to the JFK Museum) and we're off to Las Vegas next weekend. Over Thanksgiving we're in San Francisco and in early December we head to Chicago. Here's a couple shots from her solo:

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