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It's Monday! What are you reading?

This meme is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey

Books read last week: 
Books currently reading:
  • Four Ms. Bradwells by Meg Waite Clayton
Books waiting in the wings:
  • One of the Jacqueline Winspear books from my TBR shelf
  • Travels in a Thin Country by
  • Fade to Blue by Bill Moody (Suspense/Mystery Challenge)--on my computer so I am having issues getting around to reading it


Jennifer said...

I want to read Russian Winter and I enjoy Winspear's books. Have an excellent week reading and enjoy your week. My Monday: http://www.rundpinne.com/2011/04/its-monday-what-are-you-reading-36.html

Kathy Martin said...

You read an interesting variety of books last week. I hope this week is as productive. My Monday report is here. Have a great week.

Joann said...

Enjoy your books!

Angie @ By Book or By Crook said...

I am J looks like a good one. There is not enough YA fiction out there that addresses topics like these for teens that are confused and hurting. Thanks for featuring it on your blog!

Crystal (I totally paused!) said...

Aww, I love that your daughter read The Breadwinner to you :) So cute!

Please feel free to stop by my Monday.

Aleetha said...

Another blog post that show me a list of books that I am not familiar with. I have tons of book to check out now
Happy Reading

It's All About Books

Carol said...

I have The Four Ms Bradwell's on my wishlist.

All other titles are new to me.

enjoy ur reading week



Helen's Book Blog said...

Jennifer--I haven't read a Winspear in years so am looking forward to a good old fashioned mystery

Kathy--I am looking forward to this week's books as well and hope I get a chance to get to the books on my list

Joann--Thank you for stopping by. I've heard good things about the Four Ms. Bradwells and so far it's good

Angie--I am J really is an important and well done book.

Crystal--The Breadwinner was her class book group book (she fought hard to get into that group) and she really liked it

Aleetha--It gets overwhelming to see more wonderful books posted on people's blogs, doesn't it? But, I love it!

Dizzy--I am really liking the Four Ms. Bradwells so far

mpartyka said...

I hope you enjoy The Four Ms Bradwell's.... we discussed this one for book club last week and several women mentioned they wish more character development was included.

I need to write my review (several actually).... have a great week!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I have to check out that review of Russian Winter and I am J.... oh, are you adding more to my TBR Helen? :)

Helen's Book Blog said...

Mari--So far I am liking Bradwells but I am not very far into it yet

Sheila--I'm off to see what you're interested in these two books as I see you commented on the reviews

Kristin said...

I can't wait to read Russian Winter - looking forward to reading your review!

My It's Monday post can be found here.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Kristin--I hope you like Russian Winter

Pussreboots--I have just not gotten myself to read manga yet. As a YA librarian I know I should!

Julie said...

I'm heading over to your review of Russian Winter .. it's been on my wish list since I first saw it! You had a great reading week and it looks as though you have another great one lined up! Enjoy!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Julie--I did have a good reading week; I hope this coming week is as good

Athira said...

I know I'm ages late coming here (haven't had a great week so far). I'm on the fence about the Jacqueline Winspear books. I've heard a lot about it lately, so I'll be looking for your thoughts!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--I am sorry your week isn't going well! I keep not getting to the Jacqueline Winspear book!