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What I've been doing instead of reading during the COVID pandemic

I had high hopes for all the books on my TBR shelf that I was going to read during this pandemic and virtually none of it has happened. I blame COVD-brain, tons of work, and my daughter being home from college. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with her! It just means I am not reading. Here's what I'm doing instead....


Not much to tell here except it takes up a lot of time and energy (think Zoom meetings for hours on end some days).




Since January I have walked on my treadmill every morning for half an hour. I'll be honest, every morning I consider not doing it, but I am afraid that if I don't, I'll get out of the habit, so I get out of bed and do it. Yay me. I also take a stroll around the block with my daughter and parents each night after dinner and a couple times a week my daughter and I go for longer walks. This really has kept me sane through all of this confinement.

Chasing the sun/garden sitting

My mother is all about making things pleasant and comfortable. To that end, she has created seating arrangements in various parts of our garden. My father thought it was ridiculous and now thinks it's the best thing going. I now have three garden-sitting spaces that I visit on a daily basis and know I am so privileged to have this space! We are fortunate that our house is positioned in the middle of our property, which creates multiple opportunities for outdoor life.

  • Late morning--I sit in the sun for a few minutes then go under an umbrella in the back garden while I eat my yogurt and chat with my parents for about 10 minutes. It's a good break from work and zoom meetings.
  • Mid to late afternoon--My daughter and I hang out for a while in the garden space outside our part of the house. Again, relaxing after work. We have a bird bath, hummingbird feeder, and a Niger sock so can watch birds. Nature is a great relaxer.
  • Evening--when it's warm enough, we hit the final outdoor spot with my parents after our post-dinner walk.

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