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2018 Reading Challenges and Goals

Reading Challenges
I had fun doing reading challenges last year and liked the ones I did so I am mostly sticking to challenges that are similar in nature.

Literary Voyage Around the World. I am going for Literary Hitchhiker, which means reading books set in 25 to 40 different countries. This challenge is hosted by Myra at Gathering Books and there are quarterly link up posts on her blog where I will post my reviews.

Non-Fiction Reading Challenge. In 2017 I only read 10 non-fiction books so I definitely want to read more than that this year. I will aim to read 20 non-fiction books in 2018. This challenge is hosted by Katie at Doing Dewey.

Literary Escapes Challenge.
 I participated in the Literary Escapes challenge hosted by Lori at Escape with Dollycas and will do so again this year. The goals is to read a book set in each of the 50 US states. In 2017 I read 21 states so hope to do better this year.

Read all the ALA Award Winners. Anne of My Head is Full of Books isn't hosting the challenge anymore, so this isn't official, but I really enjoy reading all the ALA winners. 

Reading Goals for 2018

I haven't ever really set reading goals for a year and I am not sure what stimulated me to do it this year, but here goes....

Number of Books to Read
I don't really have a specific number of books I'd like to read, but in 2017 I read 74 so I'd like to read at least that many again this year.

Types of Books to Read
  • YA or Adult? I tend to read way more YA than adult books but in 2018 I'd like to read more adult books than in 2017.
  • Fiction or Non-fiction? I'd also like to read more non-fiction in 2018 than I did in 2017. Again, no specific numbers.
  • Genres? I will probably stick to historical fiction, mysteries, and realistic fiction. I haven't read good dystopian in a long time so maybe I'll dip my toes back into that genre again. I definitely want to read more graphic novels this year.

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