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How do you track your reading?

For those of us who read a lot and for those of us who blog, keeping track of books is a big deal.

We want to know what we've read, when we read it, and did we like it. We also want to keep track of what we want to read. And there are so many ways to do this record keeping:

  • Spreadsheet--is it too analytical?
  • Goodreads--we get to see how others feel about the book
  • Our own blog--but where is the "I want to read this" list?
  • Library Thing--does anyone do this anymore?
  • A random list somewhere--too easy to lose
  • Bullet journal
Over the years I've toyed with a number of these methods, finally deciding that a few of these work well together.
Bullet Journal
I have been keeping a bullet journal for about a year now and love it. For books, I've got two things going in it: Book Challenges and the books I've read (without any ranking). I think I just like the creative outlet of drawing shelves of books and coloring them in.

I have kept a Goodreads list for ages: what I've read; what I am currently reading; and what I want to read. Honestly, I don't use Goodreads for all the things it can do. I mostly like to see the ratings that the Goodreads community gives to books on my TBR list. And, I tend to do a major update on Goodreads--both adding and purging books I want to read--once or twice a year.
Google Keep
I started using Google Keep as my note-keeping system within the past year and love it. So, I've got a list of books that I want to read on it, separated into Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction, YA Fiction, YA Non-Fiction, and Work books. I like that I can easily look through this list when I am at the library or a bookstore.

So yeah. I have three ways of keeping track of books. It seems excessive when I write it down, but it works for me. Each place has its own strengths so I like how they work together.
How do you keep track of your books?

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