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Sunday Salon: February 5, 2017

My life in books:
I managed to confuse myself by doing a non-book related Sunday Salon two weeks ago and I got off my Sunday Salon schedule. And the world didn't end :-)

Since my last Sunday Salon that actually talked about books I've read the following books:

I also joined four book reading challenges this year (my first since 2012!):

My life outside books:
I got to travel to Sacramento with a colleague for a couple of days this week. We were actually at the University of California Davis for a conference about the new California State Framework for social studies. Pretty boring for most people, but in my new job as a Social Studies Coach, super important and useful!

My daughter is home on a short break from boarding school. She brought a friend home with her since the friend lives in South Korea and couldn't go home for such a short time. The girl is really nice and they are having a fantastic time, but for me it's as if my daughter isn't home. I am so used to the two of us spending time together when she comes home, but that isn't happening this time. Poor me. I think I better get used to this as she gets older.

I have been taking part in a lettering workshop/challenge for the last month and am learning so much! Becca is a woman who lives in Ottawa, Canada and she led the online lessons in January where we learned the basic strokes of modern calligraphy. In February we are learning the lower case letters. She has a Facebook group of 7,000 plus people and it is the most supportive group; it's incredible! I realize that I have a need to be creative, but I am not artistic. I can copy, but I don't create well. So learning modern calligraphy by tracing, copying, then free-handing is perfect for me. I have become a little pen-purchasing obsessed :-)

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