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Google Reader is going away!

I just went to my Google Reader to catch up on today's posts from my favorite blogs only to get a message saying that Google Reader will disappear as of July 1, 2013!

NO!!!!!!! How am I going to conveniently read all your blogs?

So, my question is this: how do you read (or how are you going to read after July 1) blogs? What reader do you use?

Update: one of my favorite tech blogs just posted this in response to the cancellation of Google Reader. He suggests a number of other feed readers, his current favorite is Feedly, which works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. I don't think it's for computers.

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Florinda said...

Feedly works on computers too! It has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on both Mac and PC--I don't think it works in IE, but otherwise it has the bases covered.