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Sunday Salon: September 18, 2011

Family and Life:
While things should feel like they are settling down, somehow I am still racing around. Partly it's because my parents are out of town for about three weeks and they are the ones who drive my daughter to school in the mornings (I leave for work at 7:15 and her school doesn't start until 8:30). So, I'm now driving her to various friends' houses in the morning; getting us both ready by 7:10am is quite a feat!

Technology frustrations. I LOVE technology, but when it is old, not set up correctly or just doesn't work it is a nightmare. I tried teaching a lesson in our computer labs this past week and it was a total disaster. I felt so bad for the teacher and the students. How can I find a bunch of money to update our computer labs and get them into the 21st century?!

Books and Reading:
So this past week was Book Blogger Appreciation Week and I was pretty much a lagger! I did do an interview swap with Eli of Eli to the nth, but I didn't get my act together to talk about community, blogging, or any of the other topics. Ugh. But, I really enjoyed reading everyone else's posts on those topics!

This afternoon I am off to Chaucer's, my local indie bookstore to see Lisa See! I've read three of her books so far: Shanghai Girls (5 stars) Dreams of Joy (5 stars) and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (4 stars).

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