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BBAW Interview: Eli from Eli to the nth

It's Book Blogger Appreciation Week and I had the honor of interviewing Eli from Eli to the nth.

I see that you're doing a give away during Banned Book Week. Why are you so passionate about this week?
I feel like banning books is a horrible crime. I have no problem with people censoring things from themselves or their children, but as soon as you impede my life or the life of others that is when I have a problem. My parents never put a limit on what I read, what they did instead was talked to me about what I was reading. That is the approach I feel people need to take, instead of forcing their opinions on the rest of the community.

You're at University to become a teacher, which is totally awesome. I see that you have a focus of art inclusion in the English curriculum and I think that's wonderful. Why do you feel that it is so important?
I love art, especially photograph. I think that art gives students a creative outlet. There are so many different kinds of art, and as writing/literature is a form of art, I think it goes so well together. Art also taps different learning styles: visual and kinesthetic. This makes a lesson a lot less boring and reaches more students than just lectures.

What do your family and friends think of your blog?
My sister is a big supporter! She's made a couple things for me, like a giveaway button, and she thinks it's cool. My parents know I do this, but I don't know if they've ever read any of my entries. However, they do support me, and let me finish my work whenever I'm visiting them. So while they're supportive, most of my family isn't big readers, so they don't really get the whole blogging thing.
I know you enjoy reading YA literature (so do I), but what are some of your favorite genres, books or authors?
My favorite genres are sci-fi ands fantasy with dystopia rising in the ranks. I'm not a big fan of contemporary, as I like to loose myself within a different world. My favorite books is to hard to choose! Right now I've fallen in love with Divergent by Veronica Roth, but I also have to mention Across the Universe by Beth Revis; I love that book so much! Finally my two favorite authors, in which I will buy their books without knowing what they're about, is Ellen Wittinger and John Green! Love their writing.

What are your favorite things about blogging?
I love the community! I mean,have you ever met a nicer bunch of people? On their blog anniversaries they give books to their readers, there's a giveaway all the time, and the "bigger names" give other people a chance to read awesome books through book tours. I also love an outlet for my love of reading. It's just such a great outlet, and creates such a sense of camaraderie.

Thank you Eli! We have quite a few things in common, something I love about the blogging community.

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