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Chris Crutcher Challenge

I had never read any of Chris Crutcher's books until last summer when I read two of them in a row. Talk about wow! Interesting issues, great characters, gut wrenching at times, and funny at others. So, when I read about the Chris Crutcher Challenge over at My Head is Full of Books (hosted by Anne, a fellow Teacher Librarian), I couldn't resist. Here's the scoop....

This is an on-going, no time-limit challenge to read all of Chris Crutcher's novels.

  • Angry Management (2009)
  • Deadline (2007)
  • The Sledding Hill (2005)
  • King of the Mild Frontier: an ill-advised autobiography (2003)
  • Whale Talk (2001)
  • Ironman (1995)
  • Staying Fat for Sarah Brynes (1993)
  • The Deep End (1992)
  • Athletic Shorts: Six Short Stories (1991)
  • Chinese Handcuffs (1989)
  • The Crazy Horse Electric Game (1987)
  • Stotan! (1986)
  • Running Loose (1983)
I've already read two of the novels and will read the ones in my school library first.

What is your favorite Chris Crutcher book?

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