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Sunday Salon

Family and Life:
My Birthday week has come to an end and it was a pretty fun one. I had a great talk with my brother who lives very far away. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen very often as we usually get a few hurried minutes due to time differences, busy schedules, and kids. We talked a lot about blogging since he is trying to get his YA fantasy book published.

The concert in the park was fun with great music and tons of people relaxing on picnic blankets, but for next week's my daughter isn't coming with me since she and her friend wanted to leave early this time! Friday night was Hairspray at an open-air theater in Solvang, which was very fun. I just love the music and dancing in that show! And later today we're going to see a local production of Grease so it's been quite a weekend of theater and music!

New TV discovery--through the wonders of Apple TV and Netflix we've discovered Ugly Betty! We have worked our way quickly through Season 1 and have watched a couple episodes of Season 2. What a fun show!

Yesterday we were hit with very sad news: our football coach/PE teacher was found dead Saturday morning. He was only 58!

We're working to get wi-fi into our school, but unfortunately it won't be ready to go when school starts. I am hoping some of the main buildings will have it since we've started this iPad initiative and a bunch of teachers bought iPads to use in the classrooms. Does anyone out there know of good grants to apply for to fun iPads?

Books and Reading:
I've had a good reading week and have a big give away going on. It is international and lasts until August 1, 2011.

This is the final week of the Middle East Reading Challenge so if you've read any books by a Middle Eastern author or set in the Middle East feel free to post them to the reviews page. The challenge will start up again in January 2012.

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