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Sunday Salon: Why is the bad weather following me?

Family and Life:
Well, I just realized that I managed to give away all the week's news in three other posts about Jamestown, Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Monticello. Now I can only point out that it was COLD and rainy when we were in Virginia. Back home it hit 85 degrees. Now that we are home, it's cold and spritzy. Yuck. I do love getting off the plane in Santa Barbara and smelling the beach air!

Back to the grind tomorrow after a much-needed break. We are entering the home stretch where seniors begin to feel that spring fever, juniors feel the crush of AP exams, and the whole school goes standardized-testing crazy. Oh goody.

Books and Reading:
I certainly did not do enough reading this spring break. When you go on vacation with a single child, there isn't really time to just sit and read; instead I am the playmate and parent. Actually, I love traveling with my daughter; she does really well. I just don't get time to read.


Adrianne said...

My mother doesn't control the weather but I'm half convinced she has control over astronomical events. ;o)

Helen's Book Blog said...

Adrianne--I KNOW! I always feel like my mother knows everything that's going on without anyone telling her. But, I am a mom and I don't seem to have that power (yet)

Athira said...

You really may not like to hear this - but it's finally warm here! Glad you had a fun spring break anyways, even if there wasn't much in way of books.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--I am glad for Virginia that it's finally nice weather, but No Fair! Actually, the sun just came out here, too (at 6:00pm)