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Spring Break: Virginia (day 2)

Day two felt less hectic and full than our first day in this beautiful state. We stayed in Williamsburg to see the historic portion of the town; it is so well done! We started at the Capitol Building and worked our way down the main street, visiting businesses that were open (indicated by a British flag outside), and checking out the cool costumes and details such as horse-drawn carriages.

The unfortunate part was that it rained and  this really is an outside activity. True, one ducks into shops, taverns, etc., but sometimes we had to wait outside while a student tour group was in a shop. If it had been sunny we would have sat on a bench and enjoyed the outdoors while we waited, but since it was raining, we moved on to the next shop. The only place my daughter really wanted to see that she didn't was the wig shop.

We were very impressed with the attention to detail in the whole thing: clothing, buildings, the way the people talked, the horses, etc. The ones we liked the best were the dressmaker, the hat shop and the shoemaker, who never broke character like the others! We also checked out the Museum of Folk Art, which was pretty nice.

After lunch we drove two hours west to Charlottesville where we chose to not do much in the afternoon and evening. This sounds like I had a lot of reading time, but alas, I did not. So much for spring break equalling reading time!


Athira said...

Your daughter looks so cute! The rains are unfortunate. Last week was so warm and suddenly this cold weather sets in.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--Despite the rain we had a really good time. She had fun trying on stuff in each store: muffs, hats, bonnets, etc