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Sunday Salon: Easter n' Stuff

Family and Life:
Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. When I was a kid, Easter meant hunting for our Easter baskets using only a clue (always a pun written by my dad) and getting together with three other families (egg toss, lots of food, and tons of kids running around). And this year I don't have my daughter until 3:00 so I get to laze around for much of the day until she gets home. I am continuing our tradition and she does an egg hunt where she hunts for plastic eggs filled with chocolates. In order to find the clues she has to solve pun-puzzles. Usually she finds a basket at the end with goodies in it, but this year I am having her hunt with her basket and fill it up at each clue.
Me, at age 10, in my Easter dress
I have a sort of off the wall question: Do any of you have DirectTV? If so, I'd love feedback from you as we're thinking of switching. We currently have cable TV and Tivo

School seems to be getting busy as the final weeks of the year approach: standardized testing (yuck); senior prom; college acceptances; pink slips (my hearing is May 3); and looking forward to next year. I can see summer vacation in the eyes of the students and it's not even May yet!

We're also working on a program to get iPads into the hand of our teachers and, eventually, our students (supposedly all students will test online as of 2014 with the Common Core Standards)

Books and Reading:
I read my first book on an iPad this past week. I thought it would be horrible, like reading on a computer screen, but it wasn't. The Kindle is definitely easier on the eyes, but I can see the advantage of highlighting, note writing and other "tidbits" on the iPad.


Alyce said...

Well I hope that your hearing goes well!

I actually prefer reading on the ipad over the kindle, which surprised me. I need to have very bright lighting when I read the kindle in order not to feel eye strain.

christina said...

I have Direct TV and absolutely love it. I like the variety and the channels offered that might not be offered via your cable company. Plus, I'm a DVR dork. I have shows recording in the living room AND the bedroom. :)

I didn't think that I'd enjoy reading on any e-reader. I have an IPAD though and love it. It will never replace books, but there is a great appeal there. Especially when I have it out during faculty meetings. Suuurrreee, I'm taking notes and checking my calendar. LOL.

Oh and good luck with your hearing for sure. Boo to pink slips.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Alyce--I've never been to a RIF hearing so have no idea what to expect. Probably a long and boring day.

Christina--Thank you for the Directv feedback. The one DVR for 4 TVs is very tempting! And being able to program from my iPad is cool also

Amused said...

Happy Easter to you too! Such a sweet photo :)

Athira said...

Happy Easter! Love the photo you shared! You looked adorable! I've heard good things about DirectTV but I don't have it. That's probably what I would go for if I decide to take cable.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Amused--thank you!

Aths--Directv is sounding awfully enticing (especially since they are having deep discounts for the next year)

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Happy Easter! I'm glad to hear that reading on the iPad was better than on a computer -- I was skeptical about it myself, but maybe should give it a try.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Kim--reading on the iPad is much easier than I thought