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Sunday Salon: Spring Break is here!

Family and Life:
We're off on our spring break trip tomorrow! I am so NOT looking forward to all the plane flights (Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to DC to Richmond, VA), but I am looking forward to the actual trip. It's also so great to know my parents are staying in town to be in the house and take care of the dog.

We're going to Virginia for a "colonial history" visit: Williamsburg; Jamestown; Yorktown; and Monticello. We are also going to visit the College of William and Mary and the University of Virginia. My daughter's main goal? To get a t-shirt at each college. Ah, the priorities of a ten-year-old. I haven't been to Williamsburg since spring break of my freshman year in college (that would be in 1984) so it will all seem new to me as well.

It's spring break, what else is there to report?!

Books and Reading:
Our second, and last, local Border's is closing in about a month so I joined the masses and went book shopping. I still can't believe I stood in line for 50 minutes to pay for books! I got a few for my school library and the following for myself. I am out of control. My TBR shelf is over-flowing! Oh, and yes, I am a total cover whore... some of these covers are SO beautiful that I just couldn't resist.
 (recommended by Jov at Bibliojunkie)

 (recommended by Alyce of At Home with Books and many others)

 (recommended by Jen at Introverted Reader and Sheila of Book Journey)

 (recommended by Swapna of S. Krishna Books)

 (recommended by Swapna and Debbie of Debbie's World of Books)

 (recommended by Swapna. She also recommended the second book in the series, which I already own. How did I get volume 1 before 2?)

 (recommended by Ti of Book Chatter)

 (recommended by a whole bunch of bloggers)

 (this one I just found on the shelves. Actually, I may try to sneak in reading it before I leave on my trip tomorrow morning since it's such a short book)
Have you read any of these? Which ones did you love (or hate)?


Alyce said...

You made quite a haul! I hope you have a wonderful time in Virginia! I haven't ever been to Williamsburg, but I loved visiting Monticello.

JoV said...

I am so happy to see you bought "I saw Ramallah"!! I can't wait to hear what you think about it. :)


Helen's Book Blog said...

Alyce--I have heard such wonderful things about Monticello; I just hope it doesn't rain too much while we're there

JoV--I remember loving your review of Ramallah, so thank you for the recommendation

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Sounds like a great spring break trip - I hope you have a ton of fun. I've gone to the Borders store closing in Madison once, and it made me sad to be there even though I did get a few good books I was excited about.

Carina (Reading Through Life) said...

Those look like really great picks! Have a great time on your trip. :-)

christa @ mental foodie said...

Out of those, I'd only read Rooftop of Tehran. I think you'd enjoy it (I read it before I blog, so no review from me).

Helen's Book Blog said...

Kim--I kinda' went wild at Borders yesterday. I think I figured if the line was that long I should make it worth my while. The guy in front of me got out of line (after 45 minutes) with only 5 people to go to the register!

Carina--Thank you!

Christa--I am so glad to hear that you liked "Rooftops of Tehran"