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Sunday Salon: Technology overload

Life and family:
It's a three-day weekend, it's a three-day weekend.... And boy do I need it (as you'll see in the work section). Actually, as a single mom three-day weekends are tougher: my daughter's friends all seem to either go away on holiday weekends or have family come in to town so they aren't available for play dates. So, it's just me and Sophia with a mostly open 3 days. Perhaps we'll go swimming, walking, to museums, the farmer's market.... It's kind of nice to have no real plan (until she gets bored and cranky). At what age do we switch from seeing open time as boring to blissful?!

I've been back at school for two weeks and it's been crazy. In addition to the regular textbook distribution/opening of school craziness, I offered to do book talks in English classes during week one! It was awesome to get so many students into the Library in the first few days, talking about reading and books, but it made for a crazy schedule for me.

In addition (and here comes the technology overload part...) our school is switching email so I have spent the past week doing workshops for our entire staff to get everything transfered over. This has not been easy when you consider that the more tech savvy folks were given directions to do it themselves, but "doing it themselves" really meant trying and then having me help them one-on-one. :-) And, we still have about 20 people who didn't do the switch. I guess they will just lose all their old emails. I keep telling myself that it's not my problem, but I have a hard time with that.

We're also switching websites and I am the webmaster so I am working on that as well. The new site is going to be awesome, but involves getting the website to talk to our data management system (which I don't understand at all!) and getting activation codes for all teachers, some staff, 1900 students, and their parents. Hmmmm....

Books and reading:
With school starting my reading has decreased HUGELY! Very sad. I think I've read one book this week. I did bring home Forman's If I Stay and would love to read it before Monday. It's YA and not too long so perhaps there is hope! My brain could really use an awesome, quick read and I think this just might the book to do that.


Athira said...

ell, I'm glad you got to read If I Stay! I would feel bad about the 20 people who didn't switch over either, although I would be telling myself it's not my problem. Quite hard to keep isolated from the world's problems, even something trivial. I hope you've been getting a good break - the first couple of weeks back at work are always the busiest.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths--I have got to learn that if people are told about something at least 5 times and they still don't deal with it, it's really their problem, not mine. Once I delete our old domain later this week they really will have to deal with it and there's no turning back! This weekend has definitely been relaxing!