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30 Days of Insight: Favorite cover

Day 7: Favorite cover of my favorite song

Ok, confession time. I usually don't pay any attention to the names of songs or who sings them. I just know the song when I hear it. So I don't know if this is my favorite cover of my favorite song, but it's one I really like (and I can remember it):

Original Song: Imagine by John Lennon
Cover version: Imagine by Avril Lavigne from the Instant Karma CD, a fundraiser for Amnesty International

*Both of these videos have the embed code blocked so I linked to the YouTube video


Anonymous said...

I am slacking...I need to go answer this question! I love that song too.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I'm so glad to hear there are other people who know songs but couldn't tell you its name or singer! I think except for The Beatles and maybe a few others, it's like that for me with all songs!

Anonymous said...

:) Happy Friday! Thats ok if you don't like Glen, most people I know don't. This is why I keep my mouth shut most of the time lol! Have a great day.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Danielle--Imagine is a great song!

Rhapsody--That's so funny; the Beatles are the one group that I can recognize too!