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I borrowed this meme from Ryan at Wordsmithonia and thought it was interesting. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy to decide all these things about myself. I mostly went with my gut reaction instead of pondering all the possibilities

If I was...
a month I'd be June
a day of the week I'd be Saturday
a time of the day I'd be morning

If I was...
a sea animal I'd be a dolphin
a direction I'd be west
a piece of furniture I'd be a comfy leather couch
a liquid I'd be water

If I was...
a gemstone I'd be ruby
a tree I'd be a olive
a tool I'd be a ruler
a kind of weather I'd be a warm sunny day

If I was...
a musical instrument I'd be a piano
a color I'd be tourquoise
an emotion I'd be satisfied
a fruit I'd be a satsuma

If I was...
a food I'd be pasta
a material I'd be cotton
a scent I'd be lemon
a flavor I'd be chocolate

If I was...
a sound I'd be a laugh
an element I'd be water
a mammal I'd be a dog
a phase of the moon I'd be full

If I was...
a berry I'd be a raspberry
a bird I'd be a hummingbird
a book I'd be Animal Dreams
a place I'd be Butterfly Beach


Bonnie Jacobs said...

"If I was ... a book I'd be Animal Dreams."

I like you, book person!

Athira said...

That looks like a fun meme! I would choose many of your same choices. :)

Helen's Book Blog said...

Bonnie and Aths--Thanks for visiting and commenting. This was a fun one to think about. Choosing a tool was the most difficult!

Beth said...

Thanks for commenting on my "if's". It was really fun to pick some of them but hard too! I really liked for emotion answer- satisfied! But I didn't want to "steal" too many of the same answers. LOL

Helen's Book Blog said...

Beth--I thought some were difficult as well, but it was fun!