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It's Monday! What are you reading?

This meme is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.

Books I read last week:
  • Stones into Schools by Greg Mortenson
  • Alison Dare (2 graphic novels as part of a blog tour. Reviews to post June 7)
Books I am currently reading:
  • Blame by Michelle Huneven (I am having trouble reading this one so it's spilling over into this week as well)
  • Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver (this is a re-read, which scares me. I've always said this is one of my favorite books and now I am nervous that I won't like it as much as I did the first time I read it!)
Books waiting in the wings:
  • Climbing the Stairs by Padma Venkatraman
  • Dramarama


Hannah Stoneham said...

I hope that you enjoyed "Stones into Schools" I have not read that one, but did read "Three Cups of Tea" with my book club.

Happy reading and happy Monday!


Jennifer said...

I have not read that particular book by Kingsolver so I shall add it to my list. It looks as though last week was great and this week will also be an excellent reading week. Happy reading. My Monday: http://www.rundpinne.com/2010/05/its-monday-what-are-you-reading-17-may.html

Athira said...

I really can't wait to see what you think of Climbing the Stairs!!

I haven't read any Kingsolver books. I'll look up this one.

E.J. Stevens said...

It's Monday!

My What are you reading? is here.

Happy Monday. These books are new to me. I'll be sure to check them out! :)


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Aths, *NO* books by Kingsolver? I really liked Animal Dreams, as Helen did, and also Prodigal Summer.

Helen, will you review Animal Dreams (or at least tell us about it) when you finish it? I want to know if you still like it as much as before. It's one of the books I have kept, rather than trading it in, because I think I want to read it again.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Hannah--I liked Stones better than 3 Cups of Tea because it involved more politically interesting aspects (Pakistan earthquake, US military involvement, ec)

Aths--I am really looking forward to Climbing the Stairs, but needed a little break from India. So, Kingsolver got bumped up in line

EJ--Thanks for stopping by!

Bonnie--I'll definitely post a review of Animal Dreams. I am only on page 30 but liking it again so far

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Hi Helen :) I am going to check out your review of Stones In to Schools. I so enjoyed his first book and what he does is such a passion of mine that I have to follow the story :)

Have a wonderful week!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Jennifer--Animal Dreams is my favorite Kingsolver!

Sheila--it's such a compelling story. It is amazing what people will go through to get a school for their children/girls