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Read-a-Thon (I'm going to bed post)

It's almost 10:00 pm Pacific time and I am going to head toward bed now. I know there are still 7 hours left in this 24-hour read-a-thon, but I am pooped so I am headed to bed. I'll read a bit before actually falling asleep, but I won't finish the book since I'm still at the beginning.

  • I read two books today: Gym Candy by Carl Deuker and Candor by Pam Borchaz
  • I participated in a number of mini-challenges, winning one of them (wahoooo!)

I got distracted tonight and haven't read for the past few hours. I had dinner with my family then watched two episodes of the fabuous BBC series Lark Rise to Candleford with my mom and sister. I just couldn't stop myself. And, I have no guilt.
James and Dorcas on the streets of Candleford
Emma and Robert Timmons in Lark Rise


Anonymous said...

Good night!

kikiv68 said...

I am going to have to check that program out. Could you tell us later on a little bit more about it? I don't have BBC. ¡Buenas noches! Goond night!

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry for not being able to cheer you on any more.

BUT! I want to say CONGRATS for a fun Read-a-Thon! At least, I hope it was fun for you. :) It doesn't matter how many hours you stayed up or how many books/pages you read, just that you had fun reading them, and I hope you did. :)

Hopefully we'll see each other around again next time.

Take care~ <3


Valerie said...

glad you got to participate, hope you had fun!

Helen's Book Blog said...

I had a wonderful time doing the read-a-thon. Last time I over did it and this time I under did it. Next time I think I'll get the balance just right.

Kiki--Lark Rise to Candleford is wonderful if you enjoy those BBC period pieces. As my friend says "I can feel the fabrics as I watch." I get the DVDs through Netflix since I don't get BBC here. It is set in the 1890s in 2 small British villages. Dorcas Lane is the post mistriss of Candleford and is the hub of all that happens. The Timmons family seems to be the center of Lark Rise. Their daughter Laura is Dorcas' apprentice which ties the two villages together. Each episode wraps up nicely, which I like.

vvb32 reads said...

this sound like an interesting one for me to add to my netflix too.