Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Wrap-up

Where the heck did March go?! Here's a wrap-up of my month.

Graphic Novels read and reviewed:
Books read and reviewed:
Books I hope to read in April:
  • Writing on My Forehead
  • Indian Killer
  • Yoruba Girl Dancing
  • Body Drama
  • Stones into Schools
  • Others (I have two read-a-thons so hope to pack some more books in during April)
Challenge progress:
  • Dewey Read-a-thon: April 10!
  • Flashback: 2 of 3
  • GLBT: 4 of 4
  • Global: 5 of 6 (still need a good South American novel, but I am not into magical realism...)
  • Graphic Novel: 12 of 10
  • POC: 16 so far
  • Prepare to be shocked: spent $194 so far this year
  • Book/Movie: I've read the book, but haven't seen the movie yet
  • Rainbow: 5 of 7
  • Social Justice: 3 of 12
  • South Asian Authors: 2 of 3
  • Take Another Chance: 3 of 3
  • To Be Read: 8 of 12
  • Typically British: 2 of 2
  • Women Unbound: 8 of 8
  • Young Adult: 16 so far


Aths said...

You had a great month! So much of reading done! But you removed quite a few challenges from your list as well!! Have a great April!

Suzanne said...

What a busy girl you've been this month! Lots of great books on your list!

Anonymous said...

I cannot WAIT for the Read-A-Thon!!!

Mary (The Sweet Bookshelf) said...

GREAT month!! You have an awesome blog! I'm working my way through the posts, but I'm seems we like the same kinds of books!

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Wow, I can't believe you read 11 books in one month, that's amazing!
Just disovered your blog, it's great! And yeah, I'd read all day too if I could! :D

Helen's Book Blog said...

Aths, Suzanne, Mary--March did feel like a good reading month. Not only a good amount of books, but books I really enjoyed!

Reederreads--I am totally looking forward to it as well!

Bookalicious--welcome and thanks for visiting!


I love your new background and avatar! I just wonder? Why do you now appear as a "blank" among my followers? I'd be nice to see your cute reading lady, instead! Happy Easter Sunday!

Jan von Harz said...

You had a good month. I hope April is as good if not better. Looks like you have already quite a great list going on. Enjoy.

Helen's Book Blog said...

Maria--I have just posted a question in my Sunday Salon about my avatar showing up as a question mark/blank. I am not sure what to do about it. Unfollow then refollow?

Jan--I am excited about my April list as well!