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Sunday Salon: Icons, Dewey, and more

Happy Easter/Passover/Sunday everyone! We began our day with an Easter basket hunt for my daughter. I create clues for her to figure out and at the end she finds her basket. I love that we use the same Easter basket for her that I used when I was a kid. This year we had some good ones...
  • "Old farts at a fancy ball" (My dad came up with this one. We have a fabulous photo of my parents going to a Christmas ball in 1963)
  • We referenced her taking a certain exam (the GATE test)
As you can see we're not exactly having a sunny southern California day today!
    Totally off topic, but since I changed my "headshot" in my Google account I shows up in people's comments and in their Google Friends as a question mark, as if it can't find my image. Does that mean I should re-follow people's blogs so my new image shows up? Does that add a fake additional follower to their numbers? I guess I can un-follow then re-follow each blog, but that seems like an awful lot of work! I'd love to hear any suggestions you have!

    And, other people's headshots show up when I go to add a comment on my own blog, but then they don't show up in the post's comments. Again, any suggestions?

    And, one more week until the Dewey Read-a-Thon on April 10! I am SO excited! I participated for the first time last October so now know what to expect. I am going to collect books to read throughout the week so that I have a good variety to choose from during the day. Here are some of the books I am considering so far:
    • Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie
    • Yoruba Girl Dancing (I keep saying I am going to read this one and I keep postponing)
    • Body Drama
    • Shine, Coconut Moon
    • A YA GLBT (for the GLBT April mini-challenge)
    The next weekend (April 16 and 17) I am hosting the California Read-a-Thon for California school libraries so I hope to get some more reading done then as well. But, who are we kidding? I might spend most of that weekend running the thing.


    Athira said...

    Happy Easter!!

    I was wondering why your profile photo doesn't show up in my post comments. I'm not sure what you should do about that though - I don't think you need to refollow, since Google has you on the list. You could try un-following and re-following one blog. Probably that will tell you if that works.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm so excited to participate in the Read-A-Thon!!! :)

    Bitsy said...

    For me the first time I had to put in an avatar for Google Friend Connect I put it in once and it seemed to work and then a week or so later started showing question marks. So I went back and put it in again and that seemed to make it take. I haven't had problems since.

    That's so cool that you do an easter basket hunt like that! We just hide the baskets, no clues. Your way sounds way more fun!

    Alyce said...

    Your Easter basket hunting tradition sounds lovely! I'm sorry I don't have any words of wisdom regarding your avatar. I hope you can get it fixed!

    Helen's Book Blog said...

    Aths--I think I'll use your blog as my experiment, hope you don't mind!

    Reederreads--see you at the read-a-thon!

    Bitsy--My daughter loves the clues and we have fun following her around the garden listening to her figure them out. Maybe if I follow a new blog with my new avatar...

    Alyce--The basket tradition is definitely fun, especially since my dad did it for us when we were kids

    Katy said...

    Helen, you rock. I've been hoping to do the read-a-thon, but it needs to be on a day that hubby is at work (he would not take my reading all day too kindly) and alas, this time it's on one of his days off. :(

    Indian Killer is in my TBR pile, so I'm really looking forward to seeing how you like it.

    I also wanted to say that I love how diverse your reading is. You've reviewed so many books by authors of color. I'm forever adding books to my wishlist from your blog. :)

    Regarding the image in Google Friend Connect, I believe you can fix it. If you log in to Friend Connect at that blog, you can click "Options" and it will let you change the "site settings"--which includes ability to change your photo. I'm not sure if it would apply to all GFC pages, so it could be extremely time-consuming.