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Blogging Questions

Whew! I have joined Book Blogs and now am overwhelmed with emails in my inbox! And I now have one more place to check every day.... What am I doing to myself?! Ok, the initial panic has passed. However, I do seriously have some questions for other book bloggers and hope some of you will take the time to answer. Thank you in advance!
  1. Do you have a separate email for your book blog? Why or why not?
  2. If you belong to Book Blogs, do you get notification of all the posts for the groups you belong to?
  3. If you belong to Book Blogs, how often do you visit and when you visit, what do you look at the most?


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Hi Helen -

Yes I do have a separate email for book blog stuff. It was a must!

I do belong to book blogs and I do get the notifications. For the most part I delete them - I am too busy these days to read every thing happening on books blogs. Mainly what I watch are the Hachette posts as they offer great books to read and giveaway.

When I first started book blogs I was on ity like every day. Now - maybe once a week. I am mainly looking at the groups - the hachette ones.... when I have time I like to look at the book giveaways but I dont have a lot of time any more to do that. :)

justpeachy36 said...


I started my blog in December and I still use the same address I have always used. However, I check it several times during the day, to make sure to follow up with authors and publishers.

I am a part of Book Blogs but to be honest, I don't visit very often. I usually just visit the pages of my Book Blogs friends.