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Review: Guardian (Lester) & Read-a-Thon (original post 10/24/09)

Wow! Hour 6...I finally sat down, away from the computer, and finished a book.

Title of the book I've just finished:  Guardian, by Julius Lester
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Pages: 129
Summary of the book:  (from the flap) In a time and place without moral conscience, fourteen-year-old Ansel knows what is right and what is true. But it is dangerous to choose honesty, and so he chooses silence. Now an innocent man is dead, and Ansel feels the burden of his decision. He mus also bear the pain of losing a friend, his family, and the love of a lifetime. Coretta Scott King Award winner and Newbery Honoree julius Lester delivers a haunting and poignant novel about what happens when on group of people takes away the humanity of another.
My thoughts on the book: 5 out of 5 stars! I am drained. This book is so powerful and well-written. Lester uses few words, but brings the reader utterly and completely into the southern small town, the families (both white and black) who lived there, and into the 1940s. I felt as if I was in the town of Davis, feeling the pain felt by the characters. Ansel, the white boy of fourteen, is so aware of the roles they all play and what is right and what is wrong. I actually ache in my chest from reading this book.
Titles of the all books I've read so far: 
Guardian, Julius Lester
Shattered, Paul Langan
Total number of pages I've read so far: 252
Mini-challenges I've completed:
Intro meme
Mapping (put my pin on the Google map) and checking out other people's blogs
Titles into a sentence--I had a difficult time getting into this site; there must have been lots of traffic due to the mini-challenge.
Books told from 
different perspectives (However Tall the Mountain and Thirteen Reasons Why)

Other participants I've visited:
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