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Review: One Good Punch (Wallace) & Read-a-Thon (original post 10/24/09)

Wahooo! A third book finished!

Title of the book I've just finished: One Good Punch (Rich Wallace)
Genre: Sports Fiction, youth lit
Pages: 114
Summary of the book:  (from the front flap) Ask anyone around East Scranton High school: Michael Kerrigan is almost too good to be true. Dedicated athlete, captain of the track team, editorial assistant at theScranton Observer. he's never been in trouble, and he doesn't associate with troublemakers. He may even be the next Gerry McNamara, Scrantons' basketball star whose celebrated victory lifted the town out of its slump for a while. This is the most important track season of Mike's life, and he's ready. The the police find 4 joints in his locker. Mike is faced with a choice, and everything he's worked so hard for depends on his decision.
My thoughts on the book: 3.5 out of 5. I had really high hopes fort this book since I like sports fiction. The story is a good one, but I didn't feel like I got to know the characters well enough. You could see the marijuana issue coming a mile away even if you hadn't read the flap description. I guess I just wanted more from the main character.
Titles of the all books I've read so far: 
Shattered, by Paul Langan
Guarian, by Julius Lester
One Good Punch, by Rich Wallace

Total number of pages I've read so far: 366
Mini-challenges I've completed: x
Intro meme
Mapping (put my pin on the Google map) and checking out other people's blogs
Titles into a sentence--I had a difficult time getting into this site; there must have been lots of traffic due to the mini-challenge.

Books told from different perspectives (However Tall the Mountain and Thirteen Reasons Why)

Other participants I've visited:
Didn't really get around to many in the last few hours due to life...

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