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Sunday Salon: December 25, 2022

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 

Who knew this week would be so crazy busy at work?! The 8 hour time difference has helped as it means that I can do things in London before people back home are awake then I can work in the afternoon/evening London time. And it has been CRAZY full at work this week.
  • Sunday--We watched the World Cup Final (Wahoooo for Argentina!) in the pub next to the flat. It was so fun to be somewhere with a crowd that was totally into it and one of my nieces happened to be up in London so she joined us for a while; it was great to see her.
  • Monday--We have been sleeping so late (like 11:00am!). We had a quick lunch at an "arcade" (think upscale food court) then were back at the flat for a few hours while I had work meetings. Dinner back at Spitalfields (Shoreditch area for those who know Lodo) where I got an Indian Naan wrap that was delicious (the photo above is of the guys who run the place. I love that they had a small tandoori oven and I got to see them make my naan. We wandered around a bunch, stumbling into what we think is "India Town" (South Asia Town?) and then took a double decker bus home and rode over the Tower Bridge, which was pretty cool. We watched more episodes of our latest Korean drama "My Shooting Star."

  • Tuesday--Today we ventured to Camden Town to see Camden market. There are so many stalls: food, vintage, kitsch, clothing, and more! It was also fun to see the locks in the canal in action. Of course, my daughter had researched the food options and we had a delicious lunch of Afghan street food.
  • Wednesday--Today was less exciting as we cleaned the flat, did laundry, packed and got ready to leave London.
  • Thursday--We were up earlier than usual, cleaned the flat, washed the sheets and towels and bought lunch before we caught a train down to Kent to my brother's house. It is so great to see them all (my brother, his wife, his three "kids," his mother in-law, and her carer). I worked most of the afternoon and evening thought we did take a walk just before dark with the dogs which was so peaceful. After the hustle and bustle of London, the rural countryside seems so quiet. 
  • Friday--Another relaxing day with a visit to a local town for shopping and lunch, work until dinner out then a bit more work and reading in the evening.

  • Saturday--Christmas eve! We went for a wonderful walk and as it got dark headed to a local nature reserve where they had a Christmas light display with a variety of Chrismast music playing throughout the different sections.
  • Sunday--Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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