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Review: Twice a Quinceañera by Yasmile Saied Méndez

Title: Twice a Quinceañera
Author: Yasmile Saied Méndez
Year published: 2022
Category: Adult fiction (romance)
Pages: 320 pages
Rating: 4 out of 5

Location: (my 2022 Google Reading map): USA (UT)

SummaryOne month short of her wedding day—and her thirtieth birthday—Nadia Palacio finds herself standing up to her infuriating, cheating fiancé for the first time in . . . well, ever. But that same courage doesn’t translate to breaking the news to her Argentinian family. She’s hyperventilating before facing them when she glimpses a magazine piece about a Latina woman celebrating herself—with a second Quinceañera, aka Sweet 15! And that gives Nadia a brilliant idea . . .

With a wedding venue already paid for, and family from all over the world with plane tickets, Nadia is determined to create her own happily-ever-after. Since the math adds up perfectly, she’ll celebrate her treintañera, her double quinces. As the first professional in her family, raising a glass to her achievements is the best plan she’s had in years. Until she discovers that the man in charge of the venue is none other than her college fling that became far more than a fling. And he looks even more delicious than a three-tiered cake . . .

Review: I really liked Said-Mendez' first novel Furia (see my review here) so was looking forward to this one. While I did not like it as much, I still enjoyed the read and it was an easy book to read in spurts during my holiday.

Nadia is a character that I liked as is Marcos and all of the supporting cast. Of course, I want them to end up together, to rekindle the past romance, and end happily ever after. I was cheering them on from the start. I also like that Nadia is independent, smart, confident, and throwing herself a big ass party to celebrate her accomplishments. We should all do that more often. Ok, maybe not on the scale of a Quinceañera, but a celebration none the less.

 This is also a story of coming of age, even at 30, of loving oneself, owning our actions and decision. All in all this was a fun read, not deep, but really enjoyable.

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