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CYBILS Winners 2021

Everyone loves a winner and I had such a good time reading the finalists for elementary/middle grade and YA graphic novels this year! And the discussion with my fellow judges was fun; what a bunch of intelligent and interesting women who care about youth and books.

For a complete list of the CYBILS winners, check out the CYBILS Blog. I have listed the winners for my category below with the blurbs we wrote. I'll post reviews of all the books I read over the next two days.

Elementary/Middle Grade
In this strong relationship-driven story, which is much more than a story of food, the main character shows her love of family, culture, and connection through cooking. Through a reality show, issues of immigration, family, friendship, and competition are dealt with in a way that young readers can relate to and understand. The artwork and story are uplifting and the book will have wide appeal for readers in elementary and middle grades.

Young Adult
We thought this graphic novel was going to be a stereotypical book about cheerleading: small, white girls with loads of drama. But it is so much more! It’s about a trans girl finding her way and defying expectations. It’s about changing expectations and listening to others in order to be a good friend and ally. It’s about friendship and family. But, perhaps best of all: queerness in all its glory is celebrated. The illustrations are fun, bright, and happy, bringing a sense of joy to the story. It’s a book we couldn’t help cheering about!

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