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15 Small Joys of 2021

I just saw this post on Deb's blog, Readerbuzz. The idea is to list 15 small (or not so small) joys from 2021 and since this year seemed to cruddy overall/in general, I am going to seize this moment to focus on 15 small joys before the calendar turns over to 2022. Happy New Year everyone!

  1. Reconnecting with old friends in meaningful ways
  2. Reading good books
  3. Making the decision to leave education and get a new job (and support and appreciation from my friends in the school district)
  4. Visiting with family who are usually far away
  5. Getting a new garden gate
  6. Staying (mostly) true to my new exercise/eating regime thanks to committing to doing a sprint triathlon in 2022
  7. Rediscovering swimming (underwater music player!) and doing weights (I forgot how much I like doing this)
  8. Traveling again
  9. An effective green screen for all my Zoom meetings
  10. A friend introducing me to Stan Smith tennis shoes
  11. Good TV series
  12. Vaccines/boosters and a sane family who all believe in science
  13. Birds and flowers in my garden (and sunny days on which to enjoy them)
  14. Coloring books and a great set of colored pencils
  15. Subtle smelly candles

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