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Sunday Salon: October 31, 2021

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 


I have started watching the Netflix show Pose. It is really interesting: set in 1987 New York in the queer community, it follows "houses" where transgender women are mothers to other young transgender women and gay men who have been thrown out of their homes. They create families out of necessity and compete in "balls" (think incredible costumes, trophies, and more). The show also tackles political, social, and cultural issues: the HIV/AIDS epidemic, acceptance, health, friendship, and class issues (even Trump Industries is in the mix).

I had a fantastic week of seeing friends from high school, which was wonderful! On Tuesday, I saw Shelley for a lovely walk. I can't even describe Wednesday through Saturday, which were spent with a group of friends whom I haven't seen in years. I knew four of the people were coming, but when we met up on the first day I was surprised to see a fifth friend, which made me so happy! Other high school friends joined our group over the days as well, making for a great 4 days. There was lots of laughing, reminiscing, going for walks, playing cards, and just hanging out. It felt so good to be with people whom I have known decades; there is something about spending time with people we love who have shared memories and know us from adolescence through adulthood that is truly special.

The top photo is of the books I hoped to read in October. They are mostly RIP Challenge books. I managed to read all of them plus 3 more. The bottom photo is of the books I plan to read in November, most of which count for Nonfiction November, which I will start posting about this coming week.

As the end of the year comes nearer (is that bad to say at the end of October?), I start thinking about my reading challenges and if I will actually complete them. I am doing well on most of them, but know that the alphabet challenges will have me in the children's section of our local library to find the difficult letters.

Here's my challenge update. The image is a link to my challenge page.

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