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Sunday Salon: October 17, 2021

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 


I was on call for subbing this week and only subbed 2 days so that's pretty good. One day was 8th grade social studies and the other was 4th grade. Whew! I was totally exhausted at the end of the day in 4th grade. I've never been in an elementary classroom before and it's doubly difficult when I don't know the students' names. But, I think I recruited someone to start subbing in our district so I feel like I accomplished something good.

I had dinner with a long-time friend last night, which was great. It felt good to have a deep dive and really catch up rather than just a quick check-in. Being the in-between generation can be a challenge: aging parents and letting go of our own kids who are becoming adults.

I have started watching the newest season of the British Baking Show and am thoroughly enjoying it. 

I was sad to hear that author Gary Paulson died. I enjoyed his books and love his contributions to middle grade literature. I read and reviewed Winterdance (adult nonfiction about his time in the Iditarod) and Beetfields (adult nonfiction about his 16th year).

Here's my challenge update. The image is a link to my challenge page.

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