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Nobel Prize in Literature 2021

I am always interested in who gets the Nobel Prizes and, no surprise, particularly interested in the Literature award. However, this year, I am super excited by the Committee's choice!

Abdulraza Gurnah is the author that my daughter is basing her senior college thesis on. His novel By the Sea (2002) is the "best book [she's} ever read; you must read it now!" Those were her words to me just 2 nights ago and it is my next book to read. To see literature so transform my daughter and give her an academic path is fantastic. This video is a discussion with Gurnah about By the Sea.

And, there is a personal connection for us. Gurnah is from Zanzibar and left after the 1964 revolution, just as my ex-husband did. Gurnah's history is that of my daughter's family: colonization, revolution, exile, and trying to make sense of the right to return. In fact, my daughter and ex are going to Zanzibar in December for her research. It's an exciting time.

I also think recognizing an African author who writes about post-colonial issues is a huge win.

Do you have a favorite Nobel Laureate? I'd love to hear about them.

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