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Sunday Salon: June 27, 2021

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 


  • Preparing to teach Social Studies for Social Justice: Becoming a Renegade by Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath, Alison G. Dover, and Nick Henning (for work)
  • The Lucky Ones by Liz Lawson
This was another week of vacation with work interspersed. I sat on an interview panel on Monday, updated our union contract (my last union action) on Thursday, and attended/led a workshop Friday on our new learning management system.

My niece was visiting until Tuesday and we had a lovely time with her here. Wednesday through today my daughter's best friend from college was visiting and it was nice to get to know her better. 

Today I have more social events than I have had in a long time and I credit summer and relaxed COVID restrictions (I am still masking indoors even though that seems to be changing here). A friend is in town from the east coast so we're meeting at 9:00, at 11:00 I have my high school women friends zoom/book group (discussing The Devil's Highway), at 1:30 I am going for a beach walk with some colleagues, and at 4:00 our area of the neighborhood is getting together to welcome a new family. 

I listened to the The Girl with the Louding Voice on audio, which is a rare experience for me, and it was really good. This is the perfect book to listen to because hearing the Nigerian accent really enhanced the story. The narrator was excellent and also narrates Americanah, Okorafor's Lagoon, and many other novels.

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