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Big Books of Summer challenge 2021

Once again, I am going to sign up for the Big Book Summer challenge! This challenge is hosted by Sue at Book by Book. Here's the rules:

  • Anything 400 pages or more qualifies as a big book.
  • The challenge will run from Memorial Day weekend (starting May 28 this year) through Labor Day weekend (Labor Day is September 6 this year).
  • Choose one or two or however many big books you want as your goal. Wait, did you get that?  You only need to read 1 book with 400+ pages this summer to participate! (though you are welcome to read more, if you want).
  • Write a post or record a video to wrap up at the end, listing the big books you read during the summer.

That's it!  Go check out your shelves and your TBR list and sign up on Sue's website!

What kind of books "count"? All kinds! Middle-grade, YA, graphic novels, classics, all genres, all types--as long as they are at least 400 pages. See my list of Big Books on BookShop for some great ideas, based on what I have read in previous Big Book Summers.

I am not sure how many 400+ page books I'll read given that it's summer and my daughter is home, but here are the ones I am considering. And, they are all on my "15 Books of Summer" list so I am doubly motivated. 

  • A Time for Mercy by John Grisham (Adult fiction)
  • Like a Love Story  by Abdi Nazemian (YA fiction)
  • The President is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton (Adult mystery/thriller)
  • The North Face of the Heart by Dolores Redondo (Adult fiction)
Have you read any of these?

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