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2020: My Life in Review

I'm thinking of this post as a Sunday Salon annual review, but for the personal side of things. Brian at An Unfinished Person.... did his year in review in images and I really liked the idea so I decided to copy the concept. And, while 2020 really has dealt us all a whopping blow, I'm choosing to focus on the positive.

January--I began to take my health seriously in January 2020. Here's how I looked at the start of the year (I am on the right in the top left photo) at my heaviest ever, and my blood pressure was super high. I avoid taking medicine whenever I can, so exercise and healthier eating were the plan.

February--I took a "Great Graphics" course that was really fun and in it created the logo for a group I formed at work called #DisruptHistory. It's an amazing group of educators who met weekly in the spring for training on culturally responsive teaching and are now pledging to disrupt the history curriculum.

March--We all know what happened in March. Lockdown. Schools went online. My daughter came home to finish her sophomore year of college online. And, we got our front garden redone since the rabbits had eaten our lawn and plants.

April--To amuse herself during lockdown, my daughter got braids done. I think she looks great with them!

May--May gets two images as the Black Lives Matter protests began, I ventured out to attend a rally and we became accustomed to wearing masks and social distancing.

June--I taught summer school and we visited the amazing Lotusland, a private estate and gardens created by Ganna Walska, a polish opera singer.

July--I turned 55. Ho hum. We went to a local butterfly exhibit and I performed my brother-in-law's wedding (it was great to celebrate something wonderful in amongst the pandemic).

August--I helped run a teacher institute on Refugees and my daughter returned to college. And check it out in the photo with my daughter: I've gotten smaller (at this point I was about 30 pounds lighter and feeling the benefits).

September/October/November--these months seem to have blended together, dominated by the election

December--My daughter is home, my family is healthy and safe, I have now lost 40 pounds, and I am officially on winter break. The days are crystal clear and beautiful. And yes, I am looking forward to 2021.

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