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Sunday Musings: February 17, 2019

I've decided to change this post that I do every two weeks to Sunday Musings (my own creation) because I never post to the Sunday Salon Facebook group.

My life in books over the past two weeks: 
  • Learning Supercharged by Lynne Schrum (for work)
  • Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich

Challenges progress:
  • A to Z Reading--I have read books with titles for 14 letters so far: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, L, M, O, P, Q, T, V, and W.
  • Diversity Reading Challenge--I have read 9 books.
  • Literary Escapes--I have read books set in 8 states so far, adding Pennsylvania in the past two weeks. I have read in 17 countries so far adding India.
  • Motif Reading Challenge--The February motif is "Cover Love."
  • Non-fiction--I have read 7 books so far.
  • YA Award Winners--Winners were announced January 28 and it turns out I have already read 4 of the winners!
My life outside books:
Both my job applications have been submitted and I have interviews on Feb 25 and 27. I have been juggling reading multiple books for work; they are really good.

Well, we've had a bunch of rain lately and I managed to slip and fall at one of the schools where I work. I went down hard on my knees, my right one in particular, so I went to Urgent Care because it REALLY hurt. But after taking x-rays, they said there was no crack or fracture and I have just bruised it badly. Whew! And the x-ray technician was a former student of mine and it was great to see her!

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