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My First Book of the Month Delivery

Recently, I have noticed a number of bloggers that I read subscribe to some version of a book of the month program. Most "clubs" that I have looked at send a book each month with goodies (bookmarks, mugs, etc) and some of the prices seem quite high. I wasn't convinced that it was worth it as I don't really want the swag.

For some reason, I signed up for Book of the Month after seeing it on a blog (I am so sorry that I don't remember whose blog it is!). I think I liked the books she got. Yep, I am that easy to convince. Or maybe it's that they don't send swag. Or maybe that I was in the right mind space when I saw this particular post.

Whatever the reason, I decided to try it. I liked that they asked what type of books I like and let me choose which book I wanted from a group of five.

Well, my first box showed up today! I must admit I was excited when I saw the blue box in my mailbox even thought I knew what was inside. And they are so clever that you pay ahead of time ($14.99) because it feels like I got the books for free. I know, they weren't free, but there is no invoice inside so you can kid yourself that they are. I feel like I should read the books I got right away, but I am already reading something then have a review book so they will have to wait a bit.

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