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Working my way out of a slump

These are the pages in my Bullet Journal showing my reading for January to June of this year. 7 to 10 books a month and I was feeling good. Then August hit. And September. And October. Ack! I am in a reading slump!

What is a reading slump? No book captures your attention; you try multiple books and none of them stick. Other activities seem more interesting even though what you really want to do it read.

Yep. That's been me for the past three months! I've made watching Criminal Minds on Netflix my priority instead of reading. All but a few books have been started and cast aside. And they were good books that I know I should have devoured.

Well, I finished 12 seasons of Criminal Minds on Saturday and I was determined to get back to reading. And what better excuse to go to our local independent book store (Chaucer's) and buy a bunch of books that sounds super good?! And they were having a sale on every. single. book. How could I resist?

So Sunday I took my trusty digital TBR list and hit Chaucer's telling myself that money was no object (what a freeing feeling). I actually did really well, getting 7 books (6 of which are hardback!) for just over $100. I am excited about all these books and feel like I got a good variety.
Have you read any of these books and what did you think?

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