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Thanksgiving Readathon wrap up

I first read about this on Maphead's blog and was redirected to the hosts of this readathon: Ottavia at Novels and Nonfiction and Jackie at Death at Tsundoku. The idea was to read as much as I can between November 22 and November 26.

I can't believe this readathon is basically over. I know I have more time to read this evening, but I won't finish another book by then so I thought I'd just report what I got done. I read more than I thought I would:

  • Y is for Yesterday by Sue Grafton--I have read most of the Sue Grafton mysteries and I must say this one is my favorite.
  • Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution by Bernie Sanders--This YA non-fiction is chalk full of information and ideas on how teens can get involved with causes that they care about.
  • I am not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L. Sánchez--An excellent YA novel.
I am also part way through The Atlas of Forgotten Places by Jenny D. Williams

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