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Blogoversary and a question

I have been blogging since November 2009 when I became a high school librarian. Although I am not a librarian anymore, I grew to love reading YA and Adult books and blogging about it. Even when I haven't been a "good" blogger and read other people's blogs, even when I've been in reading slumps, and even when I haven't been consistent about blogging, I have considered myself a book blogger.
One of my favorite parts about book blogging--other than getting to know fabulous book bloggers--is doing the read-a-thons (which I'll confess I haven't done in years) and reading challenges. While doing challenges I still read books that I want to read, but the challenges get me to stretch myself and try some books I wouldn't normally make time to read.

I do like reading challenges and have gotten back into them this year after taking a few years off. I find I have more time to read now and like to see what categories I can fit my books into. For 2017 I participated in the following challenges (I'll do an end-of-the-year update in December):

  • Read My Own Damn Books
  • Round the World in Books
  • Literary Escapes
  • ALA YA Awards

You can see all my past challenges on my challenges page, and in addition to the challenges listed below from this year, some I've really enjoyed were:

  • Mystery and Suspense
  • What's in a Name
  • GLBT
  • POC (people of color)
  • Graphic novel
  • Women Unbound

So, as this year's holidays begin and I start to think about next year, my big question is...
What are your favorite challenges
and who sponsors them?

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