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Sunday Salon: June 11, 2017

My life in books:
Reading over the past couple of weeks ...
Currently reading: The Right Side by Spencer Quinn

Challenge updates:
  • Read Your Own Damn Books--My goal is to read 25 books from my TBR shelves this year. So far I've read 27, adding 3 in the past two weeks!
  • Travel the World in Books--The idea is to read books set in as many countries as possible. This week I added Palestine, Jordan, and Vietnam, and Germany which brings my total to 23 countries.
  • Literary Escapes--Similar to the previous challenge, this one tracks the US states. In the past two weeks I added Maine, bringing my total to 16 states.
  • Read all of the ALA YA Award Winners--I only have one book left for this challenge.
My life outside books:
School officially ended on Thursday, but I am now on a 200 day contract so I have an additional 13 days to work this summer. This coming week I am running some Google workshops with a wonderful colleague so that should be fun.

My daughter is back for the summer and the poor thing is spending the first week taking the ACT and getting her wisdom teeth out. Not so much fun. But, in a week we are leaving for the UK so we're both really excited about that!

I have been trying to walk every day in preparation for the real training that begins later this month. I bought new walking shoes, which makes me realize how worn out my old ones are! I've raised all the money that I am required to raise ($1,800) so that feels really good. Now I can focus on the walking.

  • The Amazing Race finished and I think it was a good season. I hope they do another round of it.
  • I am now watching World of Dance because some of my daughter's friends from her time in the LA dance industry are on the show. There is some really great dancing, but I do find myself fast-forwarding through a bunch of it.
  • I tried House of Cards and just couldn't continue after 6 episodes. I've now watched the first season of Madam Secretary and am really enjoying it. I totally loved the episode where Madeline Albright had a part!

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