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Sunday Salon: December 4, 2016

My life in books: 
For some reason I am still not reading as much as I would like. I really need to set aside time to do it and am going to try to ensure 30 minutes a day at least. I know that if I do that, I will end up reading for longer.
  • A Woman Among Warlords by Malalai Joya--non-fiction about a woman who stood up to the Taliban and other Warlords in Afghanistan
  • Blindman's Bluff by Faye Kellerman--a police detective novel that was really fun
  • Knocked Up Abroad Again edited by Lisa Ferland--essays by moms who gave birth while living abroad
My life outside books:
I spent yesterday Christmas shopping, but not just the usual shopping for family. The various departments at the school district office where I work have each taken on a family for whom to purchase Christmas gifts. My personal family has also taken on a family. These are families with students in our district and they are either newly out of being homeless or are currently homeless. My family agreed to buy presents for a family of five who live in a van. It breaks my heart and we are going all out. They asked for shoes, pants, sweatshirts, and a grocery gift card. Yep, we've covered it all! It feels so good to do this. We also found a couple super cozy blankets for them. Gotta' love Macy's and their sales on top of sales!

In fact, my family has agreed that we aren't getting one another gifts this year. Instead we are donating the money we would have spent to groups that we feel will do some good. But, I did buy myself a couple throw pillow cases and a table runner at a Tribal Arts Fair today. They are from Turkey and really warm up my rooms.

I have also returned to my journalling past. I used to purchase Claire Fontaine graph-paper notebooks and keep my to-do lists and wish lists in them. I stopped as my daughter got older and I got busier. But, I recently read an article about bullet journalling (BuJo to those in the know) and I am back! I bought a Moleskine notebook am not following all the BuJo rules; instead I am doing my own version. I am really enjoying the creativity of it all even though I am not very artistic.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

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