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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

It is finally beginning to feel like the holidays around here (except for the fact that the weather is heating up to the high 70s in Southern California). I hope that you are surrounded by friends, loved ones, laughter, books, and joy during this holiday season, however you choose to celebrate.

The Christmas tree is up.... We seem to have gotten a great tree this year; it is full, 7 feet tall, and went into the stand with ease on the first try. I have no idea how the photo is twinkling. Seriously. I just put it in and it is happening....

The shopping is done.... My mom and I were super efficient on Sunday, completing almost all the shopping for my daughter, dad, and family who won't be joining us this year. We mailed off a large box of presents today and I only have 3 more stocking things to buy. Yes, we still all get stockings on Christmas morning. And we pretend the gifts are from Santa even though we are all way past knowing.

The annual jigsaw puzzle is on the card table in the living room. This year it's a Van Gogh painting.

The one area where I am lagging is the annual Holiday card and letter. Somehow I got behind on it this year so decided to do an electronic version. I completed it and realized I love getting the physical cards so then I turned to Tiny Prints to create cards. Um... looking through my photos of the year I realize I have a million of my daughter and about two of me. And they are from last February. Ugh.

So I procrastinated. Then last Saturday evening my daughter was the subject of a holiday dance video and I asked the photographer if he would take a couple photos of us. And he said yes! Victory! So here's one of them, I am really pleased with how they came out.

And here's the dance video for your viewing pleasure. It is going to be combined with videos of other dancers by some woman with a youtube channel.

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