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Sunday Salon: Spring Break

I am on the last day of spring break and it is grey and grungy. Actually, we need rain here in southern California so I am not upset by the weather today; it's a great excuse to lounge around on my last day off.

My life in books: 
I had a week of spring break and managed to read... nothing. How the heck did that happen?! I guess we were busy with life.

What's going on in my life:
Spring break has come and gone, but it was a nice week off. We went to a show called Traces (based out of Montreal), which is a little bit like Cirque de Soleil with lots of acrobatics, clever tumbling, etc. It was really fun.

Monday we shopped for a dress for my daughter as she is going to attend a quinceanera in May. She has so much fun trying on fancy dresses, some of which were outrageously huge. I am excited to say the one she chose is very pretty, very appropriate and was super reasonably priced!

Tuesday I did a lot of driving. Down to Westlake for dance then on to Santa Monica for my daughter to attend a friend's Birthday party. The 405 freeway is not my friend. But, I did manage to stop on the way home and visit with some women friends so that was fun.

Wednesday I spent some quality time at the Urgent Care having the doctor see about my ongoing cough. He prescribed Flonase for 2 weeks, which seems to be helping a bit, but not a ton. I am really ready for this cough to go away!

Thursday through today we took a vacation up in Napa and Inverness, CA. I posted last Sunday that as a kid we spent weeks of each summer in Inverness so I was really looking forward to it. Inverness is a tiny town (see the photo below of the whole thing) and they have definitely felt the impact of the recession. Point Reyes Station, about 3 miles away, seems to be faring better with bike tours, boutique shops, etc.
We took my parent to Target for the first time ever! My dad is pretending to be dragged in, but he actually lasted longer than my mom.

The town of Inverness. Nicely painted, but the general store across the street had some bare shelves and  we were the only customers

This is the cottage we stayed in on Tomales Bay. I loved the private pier and watching the tide go in and out. This is it at almost the lowest tide. At high tide the water was up under the house!

The view from the cottage out across the Bay

We spent some time at Pt. Reyes Headquarters and walked the Earthquake Trail, which took us on a tour of the San Andreas Fault line with information along the way.

This is my daughter standing by a fence that used to be in one piece. You can see the top of the fence is 16 feet to the right of the left piece. In 1906 the 7.8 earthquake moved objects 16 to 20 feet!

An afternoon at Limantour Beach (huge sand dunes, etc). As we arrived we saw a mother and baby gray whale frolicking and breaching. We enjoyed watching them for about 20 minutes, which was really spectacular!

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